Tennessee Winter Beer Fest

Making Hope Possible

by: Hannah Rials

It’s that time of year again! Warm yourself up in this mild winter weather with a plethora of beer options at TNWBF 2017! Join us on February 18th from 3-8 p.m. at the Carriage House in Townsend.

If you’ve never been to TNWBF, or you’ve been and you don’t really know the history, let me tell you about it. First of all, we are so glad to announce that this is TNWBF’s sixth year supporting New Hope! Rob Shomaker, one of the founders of TNWBF first learned about New Hope through his blog knoxbeersnobs.com, which was started as a way for he and his friend Don Kline to catalog the fantastic beers they’d been drinking. Through their blog, the friends met tons of interesting people at the time when craft beer was really starting to take off. Many of these people were former board members for New Hope. Mike Adams, who at the time was the general manager at The Market in Maryville mentioned our spring fundraiser Hops for Hope. After Rob got involved with Hops, Mike suggested another beer event that they all decided should benefit New Hope.

I was curious how it worked, organizing a fundraising event to benefit New Hope without the involvement of any New Hope Staff Member (because they are awesome). Their first attempt was more of a test, a “can we do this” attempt. The first year was so enjoyable that they were able to build on their success because of their amazing patrons and brewers. People come from all over to make this event possible.

What can you expect at this year’s event? Well, obviously, great beer! However, this isn’t your average, jam-packed beer festival that runs out of beer way too early. Think of this more as a barbecue at your buddy’s house. This gives patrons the chance to engage with brewers and vice versa. You can also fill your stomachs with Miss Lily’s Catering, a silent auction, and 3 bands to keep you moving. “At the end of the night, we can all say we had a great time and some awesome kids are the beneficiary. How often can you say that?” commented Rob Shomaker.

We want to thank the sponsors helping to make this event happen: Grayson Subaru, their presenting sponsor, as well as The South College Professional Brewing Science Program, Knox Brew Tours, The Casual Pint, Miss Lily’s Catering, and The Talley Ho Inn.

If you want to get your tickets to this amazing festival, please visit http://tennesseewinterbeerfest.com/ You can also buy tickets at the Casual Pint Bearden (http://bearden.thecasualpint.com/)
and The Casual Pint Maryville (http://maryville.thecasualpint.com/). $60 gets you some fantastic beer, dinner from Miss Lily’s, and a keepsake glass!

We hope to see new faces there this year!