Our Wishlist

We can always use your help with these items!

  1. Paper Products: paper plates, plastic cups, and plastic utensils
  2.  Clothing products: Underwear and socks (new and in the package). PJ’s for children and teen sizes. Coats children and teen sizes.
  3.  Self-care items: Personal products for teen girls. Hygiene items for children and teens.
  4.  Office supplies: Copy paper (white) and pens
  5.  Misc items: Small tool box with tools, sand for the therapy department, & art supplies.
  6.  Healthy Snacks
  7. Big Wishes: SMART TV, Ipods, Wii games, Ipod docking station, and gaming chairs
  8.  Volunteers — for both long-term positions, special events or other projects.

Thank you for your generosity!!!

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