Multi-Disciplinary Team

The Blount County Child Protective Investigative Team (CPIT) is composed of:

  • Representatives of the District Attorney General’s Office of the 5th Judicial District
  • Blount County Department of Children’s Services
  • Blount County Juvenile Court
  • Law enforcement from Alcoa Police Department, Blount County Sheriff’s Office, Maryville Police Department
  • Representative from New Hope Children’s Advocacy Center

CPIT is legislated by state statute, and there is one team per county. Members of this team convene following allegations of severe physical and / or sexual abuse. The team conducts its investigation with the main objectives being to protect the child, collect information, and to provide support services when deemed necessary by the team. The team meets to review each case on a monthly basis.

During these meetings, the lead detective and the Child Protective Service worker assigned to each case present the information obtained from their investigation to the team. Other members who may have had involvement with the case – such as the forensic interviewer, physician, or therapist – may also provide additional information. The team then decides if the information supports the allegation, then may recommend further action.