One Story, One Time, One Place

New Hope – Blount County Children’s Advocacy Center is a friendly, safe place for child victims of sexual and physical abuse. The Center is designed to be the “child’s office,” where multiple agencies and professionals convene to coordinate and deliver services in one place so the child only tells their story one time.

[quote]The Blount County Children’s Advocacy Center is dedicated to serving children who are victims of sexual and physical abuse through prevention, education, and intervention.[/quote]


We restore hope to abused or traumatized children and their families.


All children are free from abuse and trauma.


  • Safety, protection, and well-being of all children.
  • Integrity, transparency, and excellence.
  • Diversity, inclusiveness, and equality.
  • Community Partnerships
  • Accountability to the community and those who we serve.


1) To provide an accredited child-friendly place for forensic interviews, medical exams, advocacy and counseling services.

2) To continue to develop and strengthen the human capacity to fulfill our mission and goals.

3) To create and maintain a sustainable financial model that allows for growth, top tier services, a healing environment, and competitive compensation.

4) To educate Blount County to identify and prevent child abuse.

5) To increase awareness within our community of the goals, mission, and successes of New Hope.

The Importance of One Place.

Before the Center was formed, child abuse victims were often re-victimized by the very system designed to protect them. Children were re-traumatized when they were interviewed multiple times by several different adults. Interviews would take place at the police station, emergency room, professional offices, and even at the very location where the abuse occurred, all of which could be very scary places to a frightened child. Consequently, children would often recant their story or refuse to cooperate which would stifle the investigation.

Through the establishment of the BCCAC, the Team response to allegations and the mission of the center is able to be met. Through the interviewing, counseling, and medical services provided, along with the increased team collaboration and response in working child abuse cases, there will be an increase in the number of child abuse cases that are successfully prosecuted. This is largely due to the fact that when the team works together, the child victim is not interviewed multiple times, case management is effective in helping access services to meet the child’s needs, and the disposition of the case is swifter. Since these services will be provided at a single, child-friendly location, the child is generally more cooperative because he or she simply feels safer.

The Center’s impact on the children served and community as a whole can be unlimited. Primary prevention education activities will reveal cases of attempted abuse that were stopped because a child had the knowledge and skills to protect him/herself and ask for help. Children who have been abused or are being abused will be provided a safe place to talk about their “secret” and be protected from further harm. Studies have revealed that without intervention, the abuse of the child will continue.

To view our 2018 & 2019 Annual Reports, 2018 Strategic Plan, or our 990 please click the links below:

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Our 2018 Media Kit is now available by clicking the link below:

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To view a child’s perspective of the child abuse system before and after Children’s Advocacy Centers please click the link below. 

Abuse system

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New Hope, Blount County Children’s Advocacy Center Center is an accredited member of the National Children’s Alliance and member of the Alliance for Better Nonprofits:

For more information contact us at 865-981-2000.

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