Forensic Medical Exams

New Hope is contracted with two pediatricians who are specially-trained in cases of sexual and physical abuse. After a child’s interview, DCS or law enforcement may recommend that the child have a forensic medical exam. Caregivers may also ask for one to be completed.

Once the child’s interview is done and a medical exam has been requested, one of our Advocates will schedule the exam. If the abuse happened within 72 hours, a pediatrician will be called immediately for further consultation. The medical exam will be completed free of charge. 

What is a forensic medial exam?

The pediatrician will do a full physical on the child and will look at the child’s private areas for any signs of trauma. The pediatrician may also do blood work to test for sexually transmitted infections (STI). If the abuse occurred within 72 hours, a rape kit will be completed. 

Is the exam traumatizing?

The exam itself may be uncomfortable for the child but is not traumatizing. It is very similar to what the child will experience during a regular checkup. The difference is that our doctors are specially-trained to look for trauma.