About Us

New Hope Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) is a child-focused, safe place in Blount County, TN, for physically or sexually abused children and their families where they receive all services needed after abuse occurs.

At the CAC, professionals who are a part of the investigation convene to provide a coordinated response to allegations of child abuse. Services such as advocacy, forensic interviews, medical exams, and therapy are provided in one place so the child only recounts the details of his or her abuse one time and in a way that is not re-traumatizing.

Fourteen staff members, DCS, law enforcement, and our District Attorney General are all co-located at New Hope, making case work as efficient as possible. The organization is a not-for-profit agency, providing all services at no cost to the family. 


It all started when one little girl asked, “Why? Why do I have to talk to so many different people about my abuse? Why can’t these people talk to each other?” Watch our video to find out about how our center is making an impact in Blount County.


We restore hope to abused or traumatized children and their families.


All children are free from abuse and trauma.


  • Safety, protection and well-being of all children
  • Integrity, transparency and excellence
  • Diversity, inclusiveness, and equality
  • Community partnerships
  • Accountability to the community and those who we serve


  • To provide an accredited child-friendly place for forensic interviews, medical exams, advocacy and counseling services.
  • To continue to develop and strengthen the human capacity to fulfill our mission and goals.
  • To create and maintain a sustainable financial model that allows for growth, top tier services, a healing environment, and competitive compensation.
  • To educate Blount County to identify and prevent child abuse.
  • To increase awareness within our community of the goals, mission, and successes of New Hope.

Learn more about our priorities through our Code of Conduct linked here.

Before the CAC

To view a child’s perspective of the child abuse system before and after Children’s Advocacy Centers please click this link: Abuse System from a Child’s Perspective