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Have You Heard? New Hope Re-Accredited!


We are proud to announce New Hope Blount County Children’s Advocacy Center has been re-accredited by the National Children’s Alliance (NCA). Being an accredited member of NCA means we are required to uphold the highest standard of care. Each Child Advocacy Center attempting to obtain accreditation must go through a rigorous process every 5 years […]

New Hope T-Shirts

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New Hope T-Shirts  Summer is here! Order your awesome ultra soft t-shirt today for only $20! Your purchase will help support the efforts of New Hope and make a difference in the lives of Blount County children. To purchase your t-shirt contact the New Hope office at 865-981-2000 or stop by to pick one up. You […]

MAXIMUS Foundation Grant Recipient

MAXIMUS Foundation Grantee Website Badge

New Hope is proud to announce that we received a grant from the MAXIMUS Foundation is support of our therapy program.  These funds will assist in the continued efforts of our therapists to support children and families on their journey of healing after trauma or abuse.  Our many thanks to John Boyer, MAXIMUS Foundation Chairman and […]

My Perspective: If Hallowed Halls Could Speak

New Hope

My Perspective: If Hallowed Halls Could Speak Ghost Written: Hannah Rials  It’s a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky. The wind is whistling in the branches of my trees, and the sun is shining down on my blooming flowers. There’s a child walking up my stone path, looking up at me with big, […]



One thousand reports of neglect and abuse are reported each year in Blount County.  In 2015 New Hope served 327 children who were affected by severe abuse.  In honor of those children we asked a local author to write a fictional story depicting what a child goes through when abuse or trauma occurs.  Please keep […]

Forensic Interviewing: So, uh, what exactly do you do?

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Ever wondered what a Forensic Interviews does? This wonderful article written by Eliazbeth King from the Randolph-Tucker Children’s Advocacy Center does a great job of sharing what it is like to work in this role.  Our many thanks to Elizabeth for sharing her story and to all the Forensic Interviewers out there that make a […]