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New Hope T-Shirts

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New Hope T-Shirts Spring is just around the corner which means it is t-shirt season. Yay! Order your awesome ultra soft t-shirt today for only $20!  Your purchase will help support the efforts of New Hope and make a difference in the lives of Blount County children. To place your order contact Nicole Wicker at […]

Tennessee Winter Beer Fest

TNWBF Facebook header 2017

Making Hope Possible by: Hannah Rials It’s that time of year again! Warm yourself up in this mild winter weather with a plethora of beer options at TNWBF 2017! Join us on February 18th from 3-8 p.m. at the Carriage House in Townsend. If you’ve never been to TNWBF, or you’ve been and you don’t […]

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