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    A Season of Giving

    Here at New Hope, we always have plenty to be thankful for. This season, we saw many community members and organizations give from their hearts. Below are a few of the beautiful acts of kindness and giving we received.  

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    Have You Heard? New Hope Re-Accredited!

    We are proud to announce New Hope Blount County Children's Advocacy Center has been re-accredited by the National Children's Alliance (NCA). Being an accredited member of NCA means we are required to uphold the highest standard of care. Each Child Advocacy Center attempting to obtain accreditation must go through a rigorous process every 5 years that includes a site review and application with an in-depth look at 10 primary components: The Multidisciplinary Team,  Cultural Competency & Diversity, Forensic Interviews, Victim Support & Advocacy, Medical Evaluation, Mental Health, Case Review, Case Tracking, Organizational Capacity, and a Child-Focused Setting.

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    Hope Shines Through

    Last Friday's Hops for Hope was a wonderful success!  Attendees came out in support showing off their best rain gear to enjoy some awesome craft brewers and delicious food.  It was a fantastic time of  celebrating all the marvelous community support that New Hope receives from the brewers, to our volunteers, and of course our sponsors.  In it's 11 years of existence Hops for Hope had never been challenged by such rainy cool weather but due to a dedicated committee, staff, volunteers, and the lovely folks of the Lily Barn the event was tons of fun.

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    Honoring Child Abuse Prevention Month

    Next month is National Child Abuse Prevention month in the US--a month where our country recognizes the issue that weighs so heavy our hearts and tries to raise awareness not only of the issue itself but also how to prevent abuse from happening to more children. The earliest and most notable awareness effort started in 1989 by a grandmother who lost her grandson through abuse. The Blue Ribbon campaign had people who had lost children wear blue ribbons on their person to bring awareness. With government funding, agencies all over the country recognize April as Child Abuse prevention month and hosts all sorts of trainings, tools, resources, public events, and…

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    Keeping Our Kids Loved and Safe

    Keeping Our Kids Loved and Safe By: Hannah Rials Nothing is solved, nothing is prevented with silence. Communication in our society and in our families is absolutely necessary to keep improving the world we live in. And many parents might be holding onto a stigma about having conversations about sex with their child. Teaching children healthy boundaries is a discussion that should be had very early on in child development. Children should have developmentally appropriate information related to sex. They are exposed to it daily on television, radio, and social media. Therefore, it is important for children to understand what healthy boundaries look like and know what is inappropriate.  Most…

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    CNS-Y12 Community Investment Fund

    New Hope, Blount County Children’s Advocacy Center is pleased to announce that our request for grant funding has been granted by CNS-Y12 Community Investment Fund through the East Tennessee Foundation.  This grant is  in support of New Hope’s forensic  interviewing program, which is the “gateway” to helping children on a path to healing.  We are thrilled to have received this grant.  Our many thanks to all who reviewed our request and considered our endeavor a worthy cause. About CNS-Y12 (information taken from the East Tennessee Foundation website): Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC (CNS), the contractor at Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, TN, and the Pantex Plant in Amarillo, TX,…

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    Tennessee Winter Beer Fest

    Making Hope Possible by: Hannah Rials It’s that time of year again! Warm yourself up in this mild winter weather with a plethora of beer options at TNWBF 2017! Join us on February 18th from 3-8 p.m. at the Carriage House in Townsend. If you’ve never been to TNWBF, or you’ve been and you don’t really know the history, let me tell you about it. First of all, we are so glad to announce that this is TNWBF’s sixth year supporting New Hope! Rob Shomaker, one of the founders of TNWBF first learned about New Hope through his blog knoxbeersnobs.com, which was started as a way for he and his…

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